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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

STAFF REPORTS -- A 25 year veteran of the United States Army and a one time Congressional candidate, has announced his candidacy for the California Assembly for the 2O24 election.

Tony Rodriguez announced his intention to run for the 44th district Assembly seat in California, vowing to support parental and a 'FAMILIES FIRST' policy. He also pledged to support law enforcement, and blasted the 'Defund the Police' movement, calling for more law enforcement funding and better training. He also called for a balanced budget and accountability for the state.

Rodriguez, who announced his candidacy on his weekly Tony Rodriguez Show, also vowed to bring the debate to the floor of the Assembly when elected.

"We the People must take responsibility for the state of our nation and our individual states", said Rodriguez, "And we must remember that all government begins in the home and that this is the first lesson in government".

Rodriguez, who is running as a Republican, acknowledged that while all families are different, "All families matter".

"No family will be left out", Rodriguez added.

To learn more about Tony and his campaign visit:

For media or press inquires call 202-222-8017

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