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LOS ANGELES -- The clear GOP favorite in the 2024 race for the 44th district's California Assembly seat has received a flood of endorsements in what is a hotly contested election. Tony Rodriguez, who positioned himself as the only Republican in the race, won early endorsements from the California State Republican Party and Los Angeles County Republican Party. Additional Republican factions have also thrown their support behind the candidate as the 2024 election went into high gear in a primary race that has Rodriguez taking on six Democrats.

Rodriguez, an Army veteran with 25 years of service, has also won widespread endorsements from the Glendale, Burbank La Crescenta Republican Party Club, the Burbank Republican Party, California Republican Association SFV, California College Republicans as well as the Craig Huey Organization. "This is a clear indication that the Republican Party is behind Tony's Assembly bid", said a campaign spokesman, "The enthusiasm in this race is huge and Tony's message of 'Families First!' has galvanized Republicans behind our candidate".

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