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"I've had enough of unions telling us how to raise our kids"

"In this episode, I'm honored to have Tony Rodriguez, a 25-year US Army veteran, father, grandfather, husband, and passionate advocate for community empowerment. Tony is currently running for California State Assembly District 44, and he brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to common-sense solutions to the table.

Tony and I discuss the paramount importance of parental rights in education, the crucial need for public safety, and the support required for small businesses feeling abandoned by California's legislative majority. As someone who has managed budgets and prioritizes the needs of individuals and families over lobbyists, Tony shares his vision for a California where parents are informed and involved in their children’s education and where schools provide objective education focusing on essential skills for the future job market.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Tony Rodriguez as we explore how to heal the divide and work together for a safer, more inclusive California. Don't miss this episode of 'Enough Talk' - because it's about time someone said it out loud." - Host Alex Balekian

Watch the full episode and join the movement at

 Watch the full episode and join the movement at

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