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Families First

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"I am happy to endorse to Tony Rodriguez for State Assembly in the 44th District.
Tony’s election to Assembly will help the State Legislature achieve the balance of power badly needed to stop excessive liberal bills from passing."

Steven S. Choi, Ph.D.
Former Assemblyman (AD 68)
Candidate for State Senate (SD 37)


Tony Rodriguez

"Putting My Experience
to Work"

Hello, my name is Tony Rodriguez, I am a 25 year+ US Army veteran, a father, grandfather, husband, and your neighbor. I am running for California State Assembly District 44 in order to bring common sense solutions to California’s problems. As a people’s candidate, I will focus on parental rights, public safety, and small business in our district who feel they have been abandoned...left the majority of California Legislators who have forgotten who they work for. It is time to elect someone who is not a career politician - someone who has managed a budget and who believes that individuals and families should supersede the desires of lobbyists. This is who I am.


Parental Rights

Parents should have a right to know what is happening in their child’s school and maintain the right to make decisions about their children’s
education, which includes:
    •    The right to know what is being taught,
    •    The right to question policy without fear of repercussions,
    •    The right to a transparent school budget and spending,
    •    The right to a solid, practical, objective education that focuses on reading, writing, math and the sciences. The teaching of politically or racially subjective perspectives in our public schools that are not age-appropriate costs taxpayers millions and our childrens future access to the job market.


School Choice Initiative

    •    Parents should determine what school their children can attend, not the politicians or unions,
    •    Parents should decide which participating and accredited schools should receive the $17,000 of taxpayer monies allocated per student. Certified home-based education should also be eligible for these taxpayer dollars.


Public Safety

    •    The dignity and peace, as well as security, of our citizens should come first, as should our communities, and, ultimately, our Republic,
    •    Complete defunding of our police should never be a consideration. Instead, funding should be allocated according to what best serves our communities. Successful law enforcement involves everyone. I will always be an advocate for our police while, simultaneously, insisting on equal treatment of all citizens.
    •    I believe security at our borders can and must be given priority while upholding our Constitutional defense and protection of human rights.


Let’s Heal The Divide Together!



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